Rug Burn

October 24, 2008
By Devon Hackathorn, Tucson, AZ

The winding road, bumpy like an uneven rug
It's pulled from beneath you
Reflexes take flight
You try to pull that rope
You lost control long ago
It lives in pieces
Scattered amongst you
Stained glass shatters
Your front is swimming on concrete
That thing, it breathes your jealousy
Down your moistened neck
Hot air riveting your spine
Each vertebrae crying out
Your pores breathe in the stench of sublime vengeance
Gut pulsing in horrid pain
Feet crumbling beneath your wretched knees
Yet your hands crave
Lay the lead on the gas
Spinning into your own illusions
Inhale uncertainties
Exhale magnificence
Let the beast escape
The cage breaks
Feeble attempts to keep locked away
Those feelings that devour your innards
Face to madness?
Characterize insanity.
Live in it
Respire the sensation
Believe intensities
No longer leaving my emptiness
You'll never see it
You'll never know it
It's me.

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