Tippy Tippy Top

October 24, 2008
look at me from that mountaintop
breathe me in
belt it out
tell me truths
I'll never doubt
when something simple as one two three
becomes the hardest thing for me|
I'll kick and scream
and be extreme
but really think things so obscene
i will not tell
with words of white
express in colors dark and light
no such ear to hear my pitch
block it out
it will not do
it may bring sadness over you
it hurts my heart
rips my soul apart
knowing such things cross your mind
as leaving one small thing for mine
telling air
and breathing time
its end comes near
far from divine
street lights spark the moistened tar
your only map
sayin' "whoa too far"
the brakes they slip and slide just right
feel the rush
press that fright
feel the waiting
patience hating
hot breath baiting
prey awaiting
seeking the shade of that big tree of stupid
not really you, but santa or cupid
darkness covers
left undiscovered
but what of the bothered
the gently discarded
the ones faded and lost in the blue
they're left alone together
through that rainy hateful weather
to wait in warmth and heaven
waiting in anticipation for you

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