October 24, 2008
By Devon Hackathorn, Tucson, AZ

I missed the note.
what happens now?
lonely and broken
pick up my pieces somehow.
the wall crumbles away
my eyes are my tell
my body closing down
my gravity to hell
lose me to the floor
you’ll never know what’s done
puddle melted from my own
my body starts to run
the reflection of you
in my glassy, trembling eyes
refuses to retreat
the lights i quite despise
they watch from above
with their blighted stare
take my confidence
strip me bare
leave me curled up
alone and unaware
of this abyss I’ve welcomed
this unrequited love affair
live on the breath
i tell it to glide
my lips, though, directing
don’t seem to provide
sudden convulsions
pulsing through all my nerves
warpspeed around corners
hugging the curves
beneath my bosom
tight as despair
no time to prepare
i swear
singer’s prayer
oh man, i love this love affair.

The author's comments:
I have the most intense case of stage fright. Even though my dream is to sing. I feel like I try so hard to put all of myself into the singing. Into my voice. And sometimes I feel like I'm missing an important half. I love to sing, so why can't I sing shamelessly in front of people? It's my unrequited love.

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