Dear Friend

October 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Hello, my dear friend
Won’t you stay for a while?
You seem very nice, and you have a great smile.

What’s that, my dear friend?
You want me to play?
I’ve finished my work, so I guess it’s okay.

It’s fun, my dear friend
My part in this game.
You even invite me to play in the rain.

What’s that, my dear friend?
You’re busy today?
I guess there are other times when we could play.

Let’s go, my dear friend
To that fair that’s in town.
We can try for that plushie that’s softer than down.

You can’t, my dear friend?
You already have plans?
You seem to be slipping right out of my hands…

Hooray, my dear friend!
You’re welcome to stay
To play with me all on this cold winter’s day.

My heart, my dear friend
It doubted you so.
It expect the day where I would see you go.

I know, my dear friend
Just how my heart lies.
It believes every friend is a fiend in disguise.

Just one, my dear friend
Just one letter is all
Between one who builds and who causes to fall.

The first, my dear friend
The first one is you.
I know in your heart that your caring is true.

Again, my dear friend?
You’ve no time for me?
The fear of deceit once again grows in me.

A lie, my dear friend
The words others speak
They’re trying to make my faith in you weak.

Alone, my dear friend
You leave me again.
My only company, paper and pen.

Just once, my dear friend
I would like you to come
To play, laugh, and sing with me under the sun.

It’s gone, my dear friend
That orange ball so bright.
My doubts of my faith cast me into the night.

Your eyes, my dear friend
Within them revealed
Your intentions to me that you tried to keep sealed.

I know, my dear friend
What you’re going to say.
You’re leaving me, though I still want you to stay.

You see, my dear friend
That fountain I drew
It was to represent my friendship with you.

It dried, my dear friend
The water is gone
And with it, the hopes of the life it brought on.

You’re gone, my dear friend
You’ve left me alone.
My heart once again has no place to call home.

I cry, my dear friend
All alone every night.
I cannot tell others, so instead I write.

The tears, my dear friend
Will not stop falling down.
I can't see why any would want me around.

This blade, my dear friend
So much more than my pen
Can bring this miserable life to an end.

A voice, my dear friend
I hear calling to me.
It’s real, and I turn my head so I can see.

A smile, my dear friend
This one offers to me
Taking the blade in my hand far from me.

It’s nice, my dear friend
And so my body speaks
An offer to keep me company for weeks.

Hello, my dear friend
Won’t you stay for a while?
You seem very nice, and you have a great smile…

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