I Live In Beach Paradise

October 23, 2008
I live in Beach Paradise
Do you live in Beach Paradise
I live on Waves Avenue
My friend lives on Sand street

I love it here in Beach Paradise
The sand warm
The water cool
And the waves crashing
Against the sand as if
There were some magnetic force
Pulling them together
I breathe sand
I smell salt
I eat palm trees
Rocks stay put under me
Like a chair in another hometown
Kelp wraps around me
Like a blanket
I have grass skirts
Like others got jeans
I have dolphins like others have dogs
Trees give me a sense of safety
Roses give me a soft touch
The horizon gives me an inspiration
I live in Beach Paradise
Maybe one day...
YOU will too.....

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ohbabyoh123 said...
Nov. 6, 2008 at 1:36 am
wow that is realy good! i wish i had that artistic talent! well done! i vote this one!
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