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Tick, Tick, Tick

October 23, 2008
By wild4music1 PLATINUM, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
wild4music1 PLATINUM, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
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A clock ticks and ticks and ticks
Within a quiet room
My mind will just think
About a time when things were good
It ticks, and ticks and ticks
A cat appears in the window
Looking curious, not a care in the world
Totally at peace with its self
It sits and thinks
The clock ticks, and ticks, and ticks
A flower droops a little lower
Even though I gave it water
One day maybe it will standd up tall
But, for now its down closer to the floor
A bug lands on the flower
Pushing it ever so slightly
The cat spots it and jumps up attentively
She watches the flower sag
But she sits back down
And falls asleep even though it has started to rain
I watch her as she sits in the rain
Not moving, just sleeping
So quiet, so wet
I thought of how that cat spooted the slightest movement
Of that flower and then sat back down
Knowing she couldn’t help it, she let it be
Suddenly,my phone rang
My friend was on the line
I hoped she’s okay, she doesn’t sound it
She’s been dealing with this for a while
Being upset, I’ve and so many others
Have tried to help the last year had past so fast
We didn’t think of how bad this would get
But, she won’t get over her lost love
Unless she is ready
I realizedd that I can’t help her anymore that I have
I tried so hard
But time flew too fast
Even though the clock ticks so slow
When I got off the phone
I looked at the clock
Six hours past
Since, I last heard a tick
Its been there, but, I wasn’t listening for it
Life would be better
My friend wouldn’t be so sad
If all involved
Would’ve sat back and taken time
Find a solution instead of a quick fix
In the end my friend suffered to try and get the pain gone quick
Now as I look out the window
The cat is gone, the flower has died
But, the clock keeps ticking, and ticking, and ticking.

The author's comments:
When a friend needs help and you don't know how to help, please find them someone that can. Things can get really bad if you try and take care of it your self. I wrote this poem for a friend about events that took place over the course of our freshman year of high school. We didn't know what to do or how to help so we tried to figure it out along the way. Well, it got worse and worse, untill it got to a point where she was willing to hurt herself to make the pain go away. If a friend is in trouble, please, don't wait until it gets to the point it got to with my friend. Find help, and don't worry about the person being mad at you. You are helping them and you should fell good about it. If someone would have told me this, a year ago, My friend wouldn't be in so much pain. So, Just listen to your instincts, Be smart, and help you and your friends stay safe.

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