The Truth About Eternity

October 23, 2008
By Catherine Miller, Mcdonough, GA

Guilt floods every inch of me
While I plan my future as far as I can see.

I stare out at my blank slate
wondering if I'll leave him in a terrible state.

Tears fill my eyes,
as responsibility haunts my mind.

I laugh during the day.
I cry at night,
As I doubt my so called happiness

I still love him,
But not enough to spend every passing night.

I anxiously await the outcome
of that one day,
When I'll break free and he will stay.

I'll walk off into the distance,
guilt and remorce smothering my very existance.

But deep inside I know,
This is what I want,
What is meant to be,
and he will be okay, or even better off, without me.

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