My Some One

October 23, 2008
By Heather Howell, York, PA

My Some One
Some one I hated because he wouldn’t open up,
Some one I fell in love with because he gave me all his trust,
Some one I hurt because I cheated and lied,
Some one kept me here and strong when I wanted to slit my wrists and die,
Some one stuck by me through sun and rain,
Some one made me happy and forget my pain,
Some one means the world to me and is slowly slipping away,
Some one I can’t go without for one single day,
Some one I’d give anything to have forever in my life,
Some one I hope will one day make me his wife,
Some one who doesn’t understand why I keep our secret love,
Some one I would never place any other man above,
Some one deserves the best in the world,
Some one deserves a beautiful girl,
Some one is the sexiest man and the love of my life,
Some one I must reveal and give a name,
My some one is Shane.

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