Forbidden Love

October 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Chills go down your spine and tickles your soul pink. A numbing warmth crawls up your hurt body. Smiles are sent out, order is forced in. Love is forbidden to trespass, but is allowed in those who let. The world around faints while the two are together through the whispers of the mist. Forbidden to be together by eyes. Not to be heard of by ears. The suspence hurt the couple. Injuries to the mind and soul. Punishment forced through the chains it brings. The love is untouched, unfounded, and better yet still whole. Shadows grow in. The shadows scream, but the screams are muffled by the captivating love sent through each other. Through the shadows have sunshine. Shines through anything. Love is brighter in the dark.

The author's comments:
I fell in love with an older person and I couldnt see him, though our love was strong. Threats were pinned at me, though he took it off of me. I loved him, and now he is gone, but I am of knowledge now that love is brightest in the dark.

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