Ranting concerning random venting:

October 23, 2008
By Danni Dearest, Bellingham, WA

Why can’t I be you?
What talent?
So I can write a string of English,
A sentence of expression,
The chain of thought broken,
Pulled apart,
Chinked and chipped,
Dead to me like I am to you,
Originality dead and buried,
Plagiarism’s the latest “fad”,
Filthy and dead,
Lost in places,
Where sin is the living and always well fed.
The lie?
“I love you”,
The truth?
“I need you”
I see through your ties,
I see through the strings,
The threads you’ve tied around my throat,
Around my heart,
The puppet I’ve become.
That’s all I am to you,
Your smile,
Like you laugh,
Like your eyes,
I crave them,
I love it,
I need them,
The static fills me,
Like I wish your presence would,
But nothing,
You leave me half empty,
Or half full?
The sound of my heart beat,
With yours it’s my favorite song,
Alone it’s like death calling my name,
Spending all my life apologizing,
To whom it may concern,
I am sick of believing,
The sound of me breathing,
Don’t knock it till you try it,
Music and love,
Leave it,
Think it,
Breathe it,

Live it,
End it.
Look at the paper trail you leave,
Broken hearts and mistakes a plenty,
What hurt is your eyes,
The secrets that burn behind them,
The fears they conceal,
What do you have to hide?
The “cancers” our killer,
It eats away at you,
Like the endless flow of empathy that pours from your brain,
Picking you apart is my favorite game,
So tear away at me,
Like the dogs you threw me too,
We’ve been left to twist in the wind,
As our “Friends” walk away,
Leaving us for dead,
Denial being thick and heavy is finally suffocating me,
Killing me,
Just like mom and dad,
Remember them?
Never paying mom back for the “life” she gave us,
Never telling dad that you were glad he was there,
The meaning being “so appalling or sad that one feels or should feel sorry for it”
Is that what their calling it?
This hollow existance,
This emptieness,
I have wrapped a bandage around my brain,
Pray to god that nothing leaks,
The censors I hold so dear,
Save me,
Bury me,
Leave me some where far,
So I can never find my way back.
For the end of the beginning that never started,
Never making sense is my favorite hobbie,
I can’t remember who,
But I believe they said,
“If you can’t beat them then confused them”
Simple but so right,
Whats the point in explaining when no one’s listening,
There isnt one.
Why fall down,
We’ll just crash,
Let’s try Falling up,
Up and up,
Well never hit the ground,
We’ll just fkeep falling and falling,
Reminds you of now doesn’t it?
Why havent I crashed yet?
Safety pins and sewing needles,
Sharp like out tounges,
Like our minds,
Like you words,
Throw to the floor and watch me shatter,
Breaking like barriers you once had,
Breaking it all down and away,
Till nothings left.

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