Peace and War

October 23, 2008
By Cady Olsen, Henderson, NV

I see the sun and the trees.
I see the bullets make people bleed.
I watch the day turn to night.
I watch him struggle in the fight.
I wonder about the beautiful world out there.
I wonder if I'll survive in this Hell down here.
I love the faith and the hope.
I hate the tanks and the boats.
I smell the clean earth and the rainy tears.
I smell the death and the gunpowder hanging in the air.
I hope for new starts and this life-giving love.
I hope to live through another day and to not be sent above.
I hear the laughter and the joy from neighbors on the street.
I hear the screams and the cries from those being brutally beat.
I try to help anyone in need.
I try to keep our country in the lead.
I know that every day is a brand new start.
I know deep down that I'm crying in my heart.
I have so much to be grateful for.
i have nothing but this horrible war.
I see peace-I see war.

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