October 23, 2008
By Erin Rankin, Apache Junction, AZ

Monsters, monsters
I plead, I beg,
yet they growl at me,
snapping their razor sharp teeth into my skin. A silent cry that noone hears. They must be deaf, maybe there is noone left.
I want to go back
to the way things used-to-be,
And remember the could-have-beens.
But I cant now,
cause the monster has got me,
So every time I vow
to escape,
its only for a few long months.
Sometimes hours, others days.
I dont know how to break the hold
of the this addiction thats got me, tightly bound.
When others see what the monster has done... some cry, others frown.
Then their eyes flash and turn me away so that I have to choose to face another day.
They'll never understand,
I might want to come back,
I just dont see how.

The author's comments:
Someday I would like to become a famous bestselling author and would want to help the homeless or troubled teens, things like that because I just like to do that and it would make me feel good, knowing I did might have made a difference in someone's life.

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