How could you

October 23, 2008
By Brianne Fee, Portage, MI

I can’t believe you,
How could you do that?
Epically to your own child
You can’t hurt your wife anymore
Because you’ve done it to her so much
She just doesn’t care anymore
So now you hurt your kids,
You say you tried your hardest to give them what they need
But in reality you’ve done nothing
You don’t feed them
You don’t clothe them
You don’t do anything for them,
All you do is make empty promises
You knew how bad he wanted that car,
You got him all hyped up
Like a little kid on a sugar high,
Dangled the keys in front of his face
He basically had them in his hands
And then
You ripped them away from him so fast
You might as well of poured salt on one of his open wounds
Maybe we should take something precious of yours
Oh wait we can’t
Because you really don’t care about anything
All you care about is being able to
Sit around all day and,
Smoke your dope,
Drink your beer,
And support everyone else but your own family
I really can’t stand you
You’re not even worth the thought put into this piece
I have so many other bad things I could say about you
But for now
Lets just say
I hope you rot in hell!

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