As Time Goes By

October 22, 2008
By Mackenzie Courson, Keeseville, NY

As time goes by,
Many people find themselves searching,
Looking so hard to find answers,
Reasons to make it through another day.
Many people just trying so hard to find their way,
But getting lost in this cold world.

As time goes by,
Many people realize things they never knew,
Things they thought just happened but never knowing why,
Because they never took the time to think about it.
Many people waste their lives trying to be too perfect
But never succeeding.

As time goes by,
Many people think they are really living their lives,
Just going downtown and getting high,
They never have a sober moment.
Many people are just trying to impress,
But never seem to do a good enough job.

As time goes by,
Many people feel betrayed,
Being left by the ones they loved and trusted,
They have their hearts broken once or twice.
Many people blame a new love for what an old one did,
But they are never really able to trust again.

As time goes by,
Many people grow stronger,
Becoming the person they never thought they could be,
Improving the world and helping the people in it.
Many people just after having a little faith
Realize that as time goes by things change..

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