October 22, 2008
By Caitlin Dormody, McComb, MS

No longer here with me,
I picture him in my mind:
Squinted green eyes,
Filled with all the knowledge of the world,
But unknown to me,
Also filled with pain.
His rough hands that slaved at work,
But also held me…
His little girl, with care.
He had all the love in the world to give.
I was his princess, his world,
And he was my comfort.
So young,
I didn’t understand the battle he was fighting.
I just knew things weren’t the same with him.
His body grew weak,
But in my eyes, his soul remained strong.
He left me behind in this world,
To go to the place made for kings like him.
Now I know it’s my duty to go on,
And live a life with half as much courage as him…
My rock…
My Prince.

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