Drama in mcDonalds

October 22, 2008
By Aaron Bonilla, Denver, CO

people eating in macdonalds have good times.
you made people go crazy and do crime.
the cooking lady made hamburgers
wrapped in print paper wich recognized
the smell reached my nose as I walked through the doorway.
the red box asked me questions made me in a crazy way.
I asked for big mac
instead they gave me a tic tac.
Iasked for a pop
after that I took off the top.
I got cought by the door
and lay shocked on the pollished floor
people called the ambulance
They rode with great speed and turbulance.
on the way they get number six to go
on mcDonalds and going to the hospital they crash on a pole.
I watched them eating
doing nothing just eating.
I lay on the bed
and, I die instead.

their number six

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