How Do You Know?

October 22, 2008
How Do You Know

Knowledge is poison, how do I know? Look around see what we’ve become we were headed for disaster since the moment we had begun.

We were headed strait down from the moment we just had to have the forbidden. you may not believe me but just ask Eden.

The sword came down, before you know it a wheel rolls through.

The quest began unable to stop. Say it aint so. How do you know?

The world so pure soon to be gone I guess it was true what the Frost said when it rolled through .Nothing Gold Can Ever Stay.

The gold went away when the knowledge of power swept over the day. With knowledge came problems. problems brought ideas.

You see it now it has begun but do not think it will ever be done. Sit beside me now and see the ideas become solutions. solutions become power

How do you know? You have not seen the power fall over the world during such a dark hour. I arose that day to smell the yellow sweet clover only to find that the darkness took over. How do you know?

Then power brought conflict which led to war. knowledge has doomed us all of that I am sure. War has brought destruction and loss of life and good ol’ Johnny boy is just another lost life. With all of the knowledge we just rolled the dice and to many people have paid the ultimate price.

now you may see all the things that affect you and and me. And maybe now you still don’t understand the way that people’s knowledge may grow but atleast now you finally know.

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