October 22, 2008
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Love is beautiful,
Hate is not,
So remember what is love,
And forget what is not,

Learn to love,
In all of your days,
No matter if you,
Are straight, bi or gay,

Learn to accept,
Those for who they are,
No matter if they,
Have a horrible car,

Money doesn't matter,
When you know how to love,
This world could be peaceful,
As peaceful as a dove,

If you're in love,
Let the world know,
Because that is what we're made for,
To love and let show,

When you don't know how to love,
Everything matters,
Sex, drugs and guns,
We think they're for the better,

Love is the truth,
Hate is a lie,
Hopefully someday,
Hate will die,

If you lie,
You accept hate,
Because you hate,
The thought of mistake,

Some people look,
All around for love,
When all you have to do,
Is look straight above,

God is love,
Satan is hate,
Heaven is the stairway,
Hell is the gate,
God is high,
Satan is low,
Because love,
Satan doesn't know,

Some people feel,
Love doesn't exist,
And feel like hate,
Surrounds like a mist,

Show someone hate,
Cut their soul like a knife,
Show someone love,
And you could change their life,

Forgetting how to hate,
Is only a dream,
Learning how to love,
Is part of a grander scheme,

If everyone loved,
And none of us hate,
That would be,
A wonderful date,

Love no matter what,
Hate for no matter,
And you will see,
Things can only get better,

Learn how to love,
Forget how to hate,
And we can make this world,
A much better place,

Take this to heart,
And you will see,
That you can love,
All there is to be.

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