American Soldier

October 22, 2008
By Riley Hart SILVER, Berrien Center, Michigan
Riley Hart SILVER, Berrien Center, Michigan
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They leave for months,
And come back for days,
Yet they keep on going,
We should be so amazed,

All these soldiers leave,
Behind their husbands and wives,
These soldiers do it,
To preserve our lives,

While we are at home,
Enjoying our lives,
These soldiers pray,
To just make it through the night,

All they want,
Is to keep us safe,
When all we worry about,
Is Friday night's date,

Siblings by blood,
Or siblings by arm,
They really don't care,
They keep us from harm,

They may go a day,
Without eating,
But they push on,
So long as they're breathing,

They will never give up,
They always push on,
Keeping us safe,
From dusk until dawn,

While we all hang out,
And have all of our fun,
They fear for their lives,
Just clung to their guns,

They don't want to die,
But they are willing to,
They'd give anything,
For me and you,

Some of us think,
Our lives are so bad,
But they all give up,
Everything they've ever had,

Every night,
While we lay in our beds,
They go through the pain,
Of burying their dead,

They dedicate their lives,
To protect all of ours,
They are the bravest of them all,
Even in their finals hours,

They're the strongest around,
As tough as it gets,
They will never back down,
We will never forget.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in honor of all the soldiers that fight for this country. They give everything they have, and even more sometimes.

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This article has 2 comments.

stormy8-99 said...
on Jan. 19 2009 at 8:02 pm

on Jan. 3 2009 at 6:46 am
OMG, that made me cry. I'm, in short terms, a Navy Brat. My dad, grandpa, grandma, uncle, god father, they all served at sometime or another. I also hav a friend over right now. If its ok with you i would really love to send that to him. We chat over facebook, and he seams to be havin a bit of a rough time lately. Its a wonderful thing to see that there are still people in this world who give a damn.


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