October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Dear Love
Im dieing.
Well dieing inside I guess I should say.
I cant talk about it untill ive completely lost my mind.
Once ive hit the stage of no return you will be ready to hear my feelings
and I will be ready to share them.
I guess I have lost my mind sence im typing down how I feel
But on the other hand I cant be that numb if I can still spell words
half right.
Why is life so complicated?
Why cant woman and men say how they feel wothout
getting annoyed or imbarised?
Ive never gotten that!
I mean even if I have worked up the courage to write this
do you think I have enoff courage left to send it out?
I guess what im trying to tell you is
your the one whos killing me!
day after day ive watched you carefully.
How could one person so calm and layed back
love me as much as I love them?
I have asked that question to myself every waking moment
of my pathetic little life!
You dont seem to care when your looking away.
But when your forced to face me you
Take my breath away!
I have to say your a very charming young man.
But im not right for you!
But hey so what......
so what if you dont really care?
I guess the worst that could happen is I die you live
another day.
you will live another day to love another young lady who
will probebly feel the same way I do!
And the pattern will start over.
your new young lady will look at her life and compare it
to yours.
she will come to see shes not good enoff and
slowly but surely go crazy!
And then one day she will just snap and maybe
catch her self walking off your beautiful little apartment balkonny.
But hey thats the worst that could happen right?
So read this and dont care.
Go back to your life and have a nice day.
And maybe one day you will find someone worthy
enoff to be with you!
Untill we meet again.

Love Jealousy :)

The author's comments:
I didnt really write this piece for any Particular reason.I may have been a little upset when i wrote this but theres really no reason.I guess I just came home from school one day and decided I needed to write a poem.

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