Just Another School Day

October 22, 2008
By Cheychey39 GOLD, Norwalk, Wisconsin
Cheychey39 GOLD, Norwalk, Wisconsin
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My alarm clock is buzzing.
I slam on the off,
And drag myself out of bed.
I dress in a daze,
And catch the bus,
After grabbing a granola bar.
My first class is history,
It's so very boring.
The first bell rings,
And I'm wide awake.
I jump onto the train of people,
And slowly move down the hall.
I hop off the train,
And fight with my locker.
Then the train once again,
It's cramped on there!
Lunch time finally roles around.
The cafeteria is a zoo,
And go figure - it's beef stew.
The afternoon drags by slowly,
And kids get in a fight.
Band is loud and the teacher is mad,
Only an hour to the end of the day.
Get on the train,
For one more trip to the locker.
I grab my books,
And the final bell rings.
The students are crazy,
They try to be first out the doors.
I climb on the bus,
And the seniors peel out.
I go to the gym,
Must practice for sports.
It takes forever,
Can't I just go home?
I get home around six,
And homework's done fast.
I jump into bed,
How I wish sleep would last.
But it's only 9 hours,
And tomorrow is here.
Then I'm onto the bus,
To repeat it again.

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on Jan. 16 2009 at 6:17 am
Thats how I feel for school except I go on the bus right after school.

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