The Disasterpiece

October 22, 2008
By Matt Folan, Abington, MA

We are the Disasterpiece
Wind and fire, fickle ire
We are bound to set off the apocalypse
Our chaotic chemistry, barely maintaining a delicate equilibrium
As capable as fire and brimstone, the end of our time
As of warming a heart or refreshing a smile
Swinging wildly on emotion
One affectionate look quelling the storm
One aggravated word igniting the tempest
The unstoppable force met the immoveable object
In our twilight of inflamed moments
A quaint peace, hypnotic crimson shine
The dust settling, fires dying down
A glowing ember of affection dancing in our eyes
Ready and waiting to be stoked
A simple simile
A knowing touch
And just like that anger is diminished, superseded by content
We think, perhaps, this tumultuous tentative anger will be our end
Disaster after disaster
Perhaps we cannot last…
What we have can never perish
No matter what calamity we cause
We will endure, smug, young, volatile
We will endure locust, we will endure meteors
Even through the eventide swelling up to drown the land
Hand in hand we remain, admiring the chaos we wrought
Mixing oil and water, un-baking a cake, rebuilding a house from its ash
We make time wait
Tempers may flare and elements may clash
But wind fuels fire and fire moves the wind
In the very end we cannot help it
But to laugh, to love, to move on to our next Armageddon
We are the Disasterpiece.

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