October 22, 2008
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Figuring out life step by step day by day.
Thinking every moment what to do what to say.
Getting to know how to earn how to pay.
Recoiling every moment learning the rules of the play.
Being dismantled and rejubinating as the clock ticks by.
Being buried in a coffin still in the air wanting to fly.
Reincarnating still waiting to die.
Standing at the zenith aiming more high
Cracking brains beating heads to find the right road .
Trying to cool down before the volcano explodes.
Preparing oneself to take future load.
Trying a little more than I can afford.
Trying to light up every dark night.
Learning every way to turn dim into bright.
Being up to the plate never backing down from a fight.
Deciphering the thin line between the wrong and the right.
Living life king size retaliating every second.
Never going down standing up every moment.
Encircling the whole world still being shaped as a crescent.
Wanting to be unleashed still having to be decent.
Taking every criticism even after trying my best.
Acting totally logically still being thought of as a pest.
Taking notes every day for life's age old test.
Challenging the world with my zeal with my zest.
I am back with the same old power.
I am back with the same old vision.
I strike hard with the same old vigor.
I strike hard with old aggression

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