i taste eternity

October 21, 2008
By Jade Vakilzadeh, Henderson, NV

and i just suffer from rebirths and revelations.
the minute hand is constantly running.
and i am just yesterdays and tomorrows smashed together to make todays.
i only make the best mistakes.
God's shooting screaming angels down to earth.
homeruns of the halfhearted.
i could never live on street corners and in gutters.
the darkest alleyways would just shoot me back out because i have the purest heart.
shining like the sides of a diamond in the sun.
swaying logics of first impressionists and such.
they try to shorten everything i do.
but my run ons can run for miles and miles and miles.
take a ticket to the hills. a fast train to anywhere.
if only i could bottle hope and inject it into bloodstreams.
i would be beatboxing to heartbeats. stethescope hooked to the turntable.
forget the human mind. i want to know how the human heart works.
how can we smile and curse under our breaths and regret what we have done and free fall into love and insist revenge and sympathize with the hopeless and become the hopeless and dig through the intesity of passion and interrogate beliefs and madly understand what someone means by looking through their eyes and into their souls?
how can we live?

i would like a side of world savior, please.

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