Tattle Tales

October 21, 2008
Eyes closed
Running water
Rustling leaves
Little Voices
Crying out
No one coming
Someone leaving.
Embedded in the abyss
Lovely she was called
For lovely she is,
Not as lovely as the woods
or the trees
Forgotten and lost
Seeing everything from her window
Hidden by secrets and lies.
Breathing yet not living
Watching and waiting for someone to discover her,
For someone to find her secrets,
Her lies.
So she waits
And waits,
Breathing yet not living
And afraid of herself
She did wrong
Was not forgiven
So she waits, and breaths
No one stop or tell
Tattle Tales it was their fault.
No one would've known
What she did.
I am tattle tale
Who told that told a little white lie,
That destroyed her.

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