October 21, 2008
I’m still young
They say my life hasn’t even begun
But I feel like I’m missing out
Day by day filling myself with doubt
Hanging on a moment
Where I begin to recognize
Not everything is jaded
I need to sacrifice
To get where I need to
Realize the numerous possibilities
I’m looking back
My life was a show
I had a silent pact
Needed room to grow
I’m stepping out
Seeing shadows resembling myself
I forgot how to live
Needed you to show me how
You had a way with breaking hearts
I shoved that reminder in a pile of disregarded thoughts
I laughed with splendor
Now you can’t deny
You gave me purpose
a reason why
You taught me so many things
How to think
How to breathe
You brought me hope
You heard my prayers
You killed my doubts
Showed me I wasn’t scarred beyond repair
You bottled my tears
Helped me see
It’s up to me to change
Live me life
Fly with wings
So take my heart
And set it free
Help me turn out everything you want me to be
Guide me through this narrow path
With you the past is the past
I’ve been renewed
New state of mind
What’s mine is yours
trials lasted for a night
Becoming a blessing in disguise
Bringing strength
For you I cry
Show me how do what’s right
Make my choices
Match the date on my hand
In this world
I am merely a grain of sand
Teach me how
To be all I can be
Set my soul on fire
Place dreams in my heart
Bring life to my desires
Bring a smile to my lips
Allow your word to be my daily quench
For I am human
Just a wrench
I need you to bless my life
Forget my anger
Forget my strife
I’m longing for more
Open up the many doors
For times have changed
I’ve been rearranged
Simply restored

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