Him and Her.

October 21, 2008
Clenching his jaw, making a fist. As he watches his girlfriend slit her wrists. Loss of words. Trembles at the thought, of her hearing his breath and getting caught. What would she say? How would he react? His mind wouldn't subject to this horrible fact.

She turns numb. Lets the blood fall. Drops the razor, and begins to crawl. Before he could move. Her eyes met his. Both never fell to such silence as this.

She looks to the sky. Tears falling down her face. Knowing this pain couldn't be erased.

Fear captured their bodies. And ran down their spines. Thoughts flash through his head of being so blind.

Its like she could sense it. His guilt and his shame. After a moment, she wispered his name.

His attention on her. Her words started to stumble. She apologized for all this trouble.

He asked how. He asked why. He broke down and began to cry. Both on the floor, him hugging her. Looked in her eyes, and asked how he let this occur.

She says no, not even close. Explained while she choked. How she lost all hope.

He kissed her scars. Promised to make them go away. In her heart, she thought she couldn't last one more day.

I love you more than life itself, he said to her truthfully. She said it back and over again. They agreed this would be where they begin.

Its a memory now. Almost too blurry to touch. He ran his fingers through her hair, claiming he loved her so much.

Denial, betrayal, recovery. They lived through it all. And today on their wedding day, she's glad he made her fall.

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