The Side-Hug

October 21, 2008
By , Sacramento, CA
I remember, we were best friends.
I talked to you.
You talked to me.
You called me crazy.
I called you weird.
A rocky thing but now we’ve been reduced to this.
This horrible thing.
Something you don’t even see in movies.
I don’t want to say it lest it happens again.
The side-hug.
The thing old friends do.
Not old friends because they hug.
Maybe even talk a little.
But you don’t even do that.
You do that thing.
The fake thing.
The thing that's not a real hug.
You turn to the side and barely touch me.
As if you hate me.
Do you hate me?
I don’t hate you.
Well it seems like you do.
I hate that thing.
Definitely not you.
Never you.
I truly am your friend.
I want to talk to you.
I just don’t know how or what to say.
I want to think that you truly care. But when you do that.
I can’t describe the sickening feeling.
I want a real hug.
Or no hug at all.
Because at least then you aren’t pretending.
Pretending like you hate me.
Pretending like you like me.
You’re telling the truth.
So I’m telling you the truth.
I like you.
You’re my friend.
I’m your friend.
And I want and deserve a real hug.

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