Caught in the Moment...xoxo

October 21, 2008
By Hayley Briggs, Harmony, NJ

High school football game...out with friends, halftime break, everything's alright...

Suddenly, something happens, THEY come...mortifying who i am, I run away, to a spot where no one could find me.....well, almost no one...

Tears streaming down my face, my worn eyes shut tight, i hear quiet footsteps coming...i open my eyes, to see you kneel down next to me...

"come now, it's ok" you say, your hand upon my cheek, "tears shouldn't stain such a beautiful face"

My cheeks heat up from your touch, i smile warmly, your other hand in mine... a sweet grin on your face is all i need... because mine is waiting for company...xoxoxo

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