October 21, 2008
By deanna wage, Fairport, NY

What are morrors really?
do they tell us were the fairest of all?
do they tell us what we want to hear?
or do they show us dissapointment?
do they make us see ourselves as ugly?
when i look in the mirror i hate what i see
i don't have the best body
i dont have thin legs, i have curves
that dont work to my advantage
if we can make mirrors extinct, how would life be?
would we care what we look like?
would we see people for who they are and not what tey wear?
would we live life based on looks?
or look deeper in to a person to see their true colors
with mirrors we are paying to dissapoint ourselves
so why not take mirrors away?
and see what life's like unfolded before our eyes
all truth and no lies

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