October 21, 2008
By deanna wage, Fairport, NY

sometimes the world can be so cold
people talk, but you're to tired to defend
so you just sit and listen
after the day is done you lock you're self in you're room
hoping to escape all of the pain
you want to scream out all of oyu're anger
but you're to weak to even whisper
you feel alone with nothing but you're anhing heart
you try to find another way
but resort to the one thing to take away youre bleeding heart
you try to talk but no noe listens
so you tell you're self youre no good
and in the end everyone will be happy
and you won't feel the whole inside you
you never thought pills looked so good
untill they helped you escape from youre depressed liklehood

The author's comments:
please give me feed back on my poems both good and bad!

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