October 21, 2008
By Nicole Loope, Chittenango, NY

It makes me sad to think that you were onece alive
that kind hearted spirit by which I thrived.
you took weird pictures and told me funny jokes
The cancer ate you away
as you lied awake at night dying
in tears crying
you tried to keep it away to justgo where it stays
but it soon spread from you lungs to your throught
thats when you wrote your will that one little note...
Before the kemo came your hair was gone
because you didnt what to tell your grand kids something was wrong
..the cancer spread to your brain
it was staying there like a big ugly stain
We kept you in our prayers each and every night
Until that day you when out of sight
now I look at you in the coffin
bald and brittle,in that sundress you loved so much
you lay there with a smile on yor face
when I look at you there the feelings just to much
like you could brake from one simple touch
My eyes fill up with tears
as I wondered how you lasted a whole 3 years
no one knowing until 6 months before
that you would be the first family member
to go through heavens door.
I know god will welcome her with open arms
and make it rain just like she likes when she's sad
and make every one she misses us
...and were not even mad
that she left with out saying good-bye
i just wish i could tell her I love her one last time

The author's comments:
im really quiet and the only way i can escape is in poetry

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