That guy

October 21, 2008
Alone in a room full of people
thats how i feel every day
i'm the quiet one any ways
so empty inside
like something great is missing.
i dont seek out special attention
and i avoid things i may regret
and in some ways that hurts me.

The little things that made me smile now only causes me pain
exept when he smiles
he knows how to make me smile
in my saddest moods

hes the light at the end of the tunnel
a hug seems like it lasts a lifetime
i wish it did....

I'm never alone when hes next to me
i want us to be everything we can be
one touch gives me goosebumps
and sens tingles up my spine
whe he looks me in the eyes
some how i can feel him in my soul..
to bad..

He loves some one elts
shes the one
that looks into his green-brown eyes
and knows...
shes the one
he wants to be with.
shes the one
that hears him say i love you
i wish i was her
so i could say i love you to.

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