A Distant Peace

October 21, 2008
By Ginny Chang, Kapolei, HI

The soft crashing waves and the gentle salty breeze,
create a haunting melody that stalks my fitful dreams.
Half buried figures and the sun that burns my eyes,
long forgotten memories lost to the sea of time.One day to prepare and an hour in the drive.
A simple turkey sandwich a much fought after prize.Soft gritty sand rubs against my feet,
with a single push I fall
to be eaten by the cold and shocking sea.
Laughter breaks the silence my peace is all but broken,
but in its place I find a new warm emotion.Those summers long forgotten,ignored by all but me,
wishing for that salty scent I turn my eyes to the sea.
The crash of waves a sirens call, to a childhood long abandon.
Those gentle salty breeze, a path for me to follow.
An endless blue ocean, that reflect the perfect sky.Trapped inside this house, this house of many houses.
I watch as we drift apart, their problems with adult faces.
I see the pain they hide, and hate how it turns them.
How I wish we could return, to our time of peaceful ignorance,
back to that place, with the endless blue sea.
Back to that place, the place with the distant peace.

The author's comments:
What inspired me for this peom was my memories of my childhood. A childhood where I didn't have to worry about soo many things I do now. A childhood where the people around me where happy and I lived on in a ingorance bliss.

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