That Boy

October 21, 2008
By Ashlyn Buterbaugh, Hustontown, PA

The way he makes me feel
Its something quite surreal
Nothing can compare
He's amde me so aware
To the life I could have
To the life I should have
Showed me my life does have a purpose
Showed me I'm not worthless
How and why he picked me
It's something I may never truely see
All i know is I'm happy, no exstatic that he did
For no longer do i feel like a lost, scared little kid
Now i know I'm young
But i think he might me the one
He's like my sun
Always warm, always comforting, always there

The author's comments:
This is my 1st piece I've submitted but not the 1st I've written. I went though a time where i was very depresses although there werent many people i told, the boy i wrote this about is one of them.

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