An Unmistakeable Grin

October 21, 2008
By Amanda D'Eletto, HIllsdale, NJ

An Unmistakable Grin

He keeps his secrets close and its quite odd how he wears his smile
With his past shadowing behind its obvious this man is in denial

Long after he’s gone you can feel and smell his tracks
Once he’s gone he’s gone with out even looking back

Blinded by his own insanity
He wants out, please just hand over the key

With each footstep he’s farther in
To what will become his most deadly sin

Now he’s buried in lies looking for a hand
The only one to help is himself, but he has a twisted plan

Can he open his eyes? Why can’t he see?
That only the truth can set this man free

He’s a common question left unsolved
What he got into has now made him too involved

What faces the mirror refuses to reveal true identity
Its disturbing and far along from lovely

Sniffing the night away with only himself by his side
Loneliness creeping behind him this he cant deny

He faces the wall so he doesn’t face me
I don’t know him anymore. How could this be?

Maybe he will see the damage and go the extra mile
But the only time he turned to look he still wore that funny smile

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