We're Through

October 21, 2008
How can you treat me like dirt?
How can you call yourself my friend?
How can you talk about me all the time,
And ecpect me to be there for you at the end?

I don't understand you.
Do you think I don't care?
All the times you've joked about
My looks, my family, what I wear!

Yea you've been friendly before,
But only when you've needed help.
So now you can stop being lazy,
And deal with it yourself.

I'm tired of your messes,
And everything you do.
So as of right now,
Me and you... We're through!

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annexgreyz said...
Nov. 11, 2008 at 11:14 am
I really love the rhyming in the poem, and how its so honest :]
btw, u spelt "expect" wrong...
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