The Rush

October 21, 2008
By Caitlin Dormody, McComb, MS

Drowning out the yells,
Fans don’t matter anymore.
I feel my heart beating,
As my sneakers hit the floor.
Sweat drops on my face,
I feel that same old rush,
The feeling is amazing
I can never get too much.
I tighten up my ponytail,
Time to get in the game.
I’ve got to ignore all the cheering,
Or my family calling out my name.
The guard’s calling out the play,
I’m not sure if I’m ready,
She passes me the ball.
I keep my hands steady.
I feel the pressure come on,.
It’s time to take the shot.
So I make my move quickly,
Racing against the clock.
I dribble once and lay it up,
It hits the backboard right.
Then it falls into the goal,
A greay way to start off my night.

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