October 21, 2008
By Brittney Carter, Calumet Park, IL

He told me to close my eyes and tell him what it is I see.
And I know this gone sound weird yall, but I saw the letter "T".
...right away I knew it stood for the number 3.
3 symbolizing the predestination of what was meant to be.
And I know you're having difficulty grasping the philosphy of my theory.
But I dont need you to understand, what I need is for you to be with me. Cuz in all actuality, the depiction of My reality aint got nothing to do with MY fantasy.
And if love b a drug then you taking me to ecstasy.
If love was ever pimpin then you were that main sqeeze...
Oh im trippin??....PLEASE
The most valuable gift has been given unto thee.
Thee being you; the gift is me.
Created in his glory and riches.Stored blessings times three.

The author's comments:
My name is Brittney Carter. This poem was inspired my many people

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