These Eyes

October 21, 2008
By Liliana Vela BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Liliana Vela BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I see expression everywhere,
with these eyes that see into the souls of men women
and children,
especially children,
I can tell you at a glance
what a friend is feeling,
I can tell you that by now
your mind is reeling,
but do not fear what you can't understand,
and what do I have left to fear,
if I understand everything,
but I don't,
I can't,
no matter my skills,
my special ways,
I cannot,
will not,

The author's comments:
I am really excellent at reading people, and this describes my feelings about it. My eyes pick up on everything in this world and analyze it. Sometimes it works to my advantage, sometimes not. Some things aren't meant to be seen.

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