Crying Plea

October 21, 2008
By Annie Helmer, Summit, NJ

Crying Plea

You think that you know me
You think I’m ok
You ignore my crying plea
My heads filled with grey

My bleeding heart into something concrete
The cool blade drags to no end
The contrast of crimson on the pure bed sheet
So difficult and painful to amend

They turn purple in the frigid cold
Your kiss turns them red
My inner demons must I scold
Visions in my head of a rose bed

The relief makes me feel oh so alive
When otherwise all I can feel is dead
My aching soul starts to revive
The loneliness is no longer so widespread

I no longer can or want to hide
Every aching wound will show
I can’t run away from all that I’ve lied
The way my pulse begins to slow

Teach me how to swim in still waters
Make the ray of life beam on me
Save me from todays violent slaughters
All those who come through always cost a fee

Save me from the drowning of my limbs
They swell with pain and fire
My strife translates into a hurtful hymn
I wish sometimes to be just like a bird on a wire

I cry out my plea.

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