The Path

October 21, 2008
The Path
I walk on the sidewalk.
With a hop to my step I walk on the sidewalk.
The crisp clean sidewalk,
the unforgiving stone with granite pieces sticking out
like miniature mountains,
providing a grip for my shoe.

Grass does not rule here, dirt does not exist.
It is the rock that rules
Guiding my way without a doubt
I know it will take me home.

The gaps in the sidewalk, simple dividers of life.
When one slab ends another is there to take its place
ensuring my safety.
My life is complete, my happiness ensured
But then I look down with a smile and gasp,
my eyes widening in fear…

A c r
c k

Suddenly, the sky grows dark and forbidding,
trees loom up around me uninviting in their immense size.
A massive crack, festering with dirt and mold.
It stands in my way, a canyon I cannot cross.
The sidewalk has betrayed me, leading me astray
I curse at its deception, now in dangerous territory.
Then I cry out in despair as the truth hits me like a train.

I am lost.

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