October 21, 2008
I’m not pretty,
But I like to pretend I am.
I pretend I have the confidence,
The grace,
And the poise of a Popular girl.
I pretend I have money,
And that I’m smart,
But in the end that’s all it really is.

I pretend all this and see when someone’ll notice.
So far no one has.
It confuses me.
They should have shunned me on the first day.
Yet they pretend to like me,
As much as I pretend to like them.
The only problem is
I don’t know if I’m pretending to like them anymore.

I’m the stereotypical popular girl,
Getting jealous of girls who get more attention.
I see them and get nervous about what they think,
And hate them for that.

I wish I weren’t like this.
I wish I actually had confidence.
I wish that people wouldn’t be so fake,
Only to find out the fake one’s really me.

What if I never pretended?
Would I still feel this way?

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