This is what happend

October 21, 2008
By Lucy Rivera BRONZE, Lexingon, Kentucky
Lucy Rivera BRONZE, Lexingon, Kentucky
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I seal my eyes shut and squeeze my seat belt tight. I look at you and the look in your eyes let me know we were hopeless.
I see glass scattered ont he pavement.
Your body slammed against the ground and your car smashed against a tree.
Are you alive?
Your arm starts moving towards me. Your eyes are swollen shut.
How can you see?
The sound of the sirens gets closer and closer. Everythign is going to be okay.
Stay strong.
Please dont leave me.
The puddle of blood your body was laying in was getting bigger and bigger.
As time went by i was starting to loose hope.
My eyes slowly started to shut.
I could hear people surround me.
Touching my neck, opening my eyes, checking my pulse.
They picked me up and carried me away.
They did the same with you.
You were covered in a white sheet spreaded across your whole body.
You werent okay.
Why'd you leave me?

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