October 20, 2008
By Ellen Shaddock, Dalals, TX

People judge on who you are by the dumbest little things
the way you dress, the way you talk, and the things you do.
It's just simpler that way
Everyone from a group has to hang out together and you're weird if you don't.
If I write poetry, I must be depressed.
If I love music, I must be a punk.
If I smile a lot, I must be a prep.
If I get good grades, I must be a nerd.
So what am I?
It's so confusing.
I guess you could say I'm a little of everything
But what's my label?
How do I know who to sit with at lunch?
How do I know if I'm talking to the right people in the halls?
I Know.
I know who my friends are and I don't need anyone to tell me that.
Friends are the ones who are always there,
They always know when something is wrong,
And they always stay by your side until it's right again.
Friends stand tall beside you no matter what other people think
So don't ask me what my label is.
Don't tell me who I am.
Because I know better than anyone
I am me.

The author's comments:
i hate labels!

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