October 23, 2008
By Rocklyn Runnels, Wahiawa, HI

A young figure, standing in the doorway, staring into the eyes of a motionless body, covered in a shadow of red. The young eyes stare at the curse that went through the mans heart, and pierced out in a beat. Shivers pounding through the young girls soul. The young eyes bursts out a terrifying horror. Tears draw themselves out, trying to hold them in, the hands wipe away the outcome. The voice unsettled and not knowing what to say. Startled by all that surrounds. Questions are flown in out of the air. Flashing lights, and arms wrapped around the little girl. Everythings happening so fast. Nothing to stop time from giving us all the happenings that happens these days. The helpless body captivated in a glowing white sheet. No evidence is shown, the worries slices through everyones soul. Ponders in everyones single mind. No one knows what has happened except the unexpected. The little girl remains silent, reliving every second of the terrifying day. The day of the murder of her father.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the silence a child may bring, and so everything seems once again a mystery. I thought I could make it more exhillerating to make the child a witness to a murder. The muder in which haunts the little girls dreams

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