Art in the Skyline

October 23, 2008
By Cindy Hoang, Herndon, VA

Piece 2

I wonder if birds are thought of as escapes.
Staring up into a mix of the tangerine and magenta horizon,
I manage to catch the very last glimpse of the sun
As it slowly sets and allows the moon to dominate the sky.
I focus on a flock of birds, gracefully dancing, unaware of the world beneath them.
Completely and perfectly synchronized, they float above the rest of us.
Kind and peaceful, they always soar together and allow others to join in
Like a school of fish underneath the sea.
Eloquently effortless they make shapes and patterns in the sky,
Just like constellations in the night.
While observing and storing these memories of graceful birds
I am also painting pictures and writing poems in my head.
I have unknowingly washed away all thoughts and worries of the day
The art these birds have created in the sky were my escape.

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