The Snake Pit

October 21, 2008
By Danielle Radin, Hermosa Beach, CA

There's a story I tell,
About a man,
Who sat in a room,
And folded his hands;

A top a chair,
But make no mistake,
For the floor of this room,
Was covered in snakes;

The man sat in the chair,
And hummed a song,
And the door was open,
All along;

Then the snakes got hungry,
And started to feed,
Some bit the man's legs,
Some bit the man's knees;

And the man just sat there,
And hummed his song,
And the door was open,
All along;

Then the snakes did something,
Really quite bold,
They crawled in his mouth,
And ate his soul;

And his liver and kidneys,
‘Til all was gone,
And the door was open,
All along;

So the man was gone,
And the snakes were fed,
And the story goes,
From my mouth to your head;

And you’re confused,
‘Cuz the man could’ve escaped,
But I say, “not exactly,
That wasn’t the case;”

And you say,
“But the door was open the whole time,”
Yes, it physically was,
But not in his mind;

You see, in his mind,
He could not leave,
Even though there were no,
Chains around his sleeve;

No shackles, no handcuffs,
No physical restrain,
The only thing holding him back,
Was his brain;

And you say, “that’s crazy!
He should’ve just ran,”
But that was not even,
An option for the man;

And you say, “I don’t believe it!
It can’t be true!”
But is it really,
That hard to believe for you?

Most of us sit,
In a pit of snakes,
And most of us,
Don’t even try to escape;

We just sit there and pretend,
Like nothing is wrong,
While the door is open,
All along;

So if you’re in a pit of snakes,
Please do not loom,
Get out of that chair!
Get out of that room!

And if it seems like,
There’s just no option to leave,
Remember there are no chains,
Around your sleeve;

Just open your eyes,
And open your mind,
Because the door has been open,
This whole time.

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