Lost But Never Alone

October 22, 2008
Lost but Never Alone

I sit there in the darkness and cannot help but to think I am lost. It is a cold winter night but do not weep I will have a warm place to sleep.

He did say not to wander off… but its funny because I was all alone that day.

I do not know who I spoke with but it was said sure and swift who knows maybe I have a gift.

I was lost but knew I was not alone. I sat down on a rock knowing the voice had not gone.

There it is a whisper in the night saying, “Follow me and I will set you free.”

Free from the darkness and frost of the winter night but I knew I was never alone.
Lost but never alone.

I follow the whisper into the night I do not know why I did not fright maybe the amber I see in the glowing red light it is funny I never heard another sound that night.

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megannnn said...
Nov. 3, 2008 at 12:30 am
I'm from Cranford too. This is wonderfully written.
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