Left Behind

October 22, 2008
Left behind. Behind all memory. Memories I can’t forget. Forget about finding your home. Home, the place where you heart lies. Lies all of it, there is no place. Placed here where I cannot find my way back. Back to the life I once had, to the things I loved. Love is meaningless on a path to nowhere. Nowhere near the people who feel. Feeling like I’m just wandering. Wandering down this tree lined street to someplace they chose for me. Me and only me through this emptiness. Emptiness filling me from the inside. Inside of my soul is nothing. Nothing but my footsteps on this singular pathway. Pathway that splits, one road left and one road right. Right there I stop. Stop this madness, leave this forest. Forest of homely, lonely trees. Trees that will tell me the way out. Out to where my dreams have gone. Gone along the road I have yet to take. “Take the left”

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